5 Unusual Uses for Backyard Sheds

You’ve probably seen them in backyards around your hometown; cutesy, small wooden storage sheds. Some are made to look like tiny replicas of the homes they’re built beside, some look like fairytale cottages or mini barns. Whatever their style, these backyard sheds are extremely versatile! Of course, they can be used to house your tools or lawnmower, but people have become increasingly more creative with their ideas for these sheds. The sky is the limit with uses for these small structures. Here are a few of the more…interesting ideas we’ve found.


Sewing Shed

A cozy space for women who need a creative break or a secluded spot to practice their craft! Store your needles, quilting supplies, yarn, and more!

Reading Nook

A little backyard haven when you need to get away without leaving your home. Add some custom shelves to house your personal library!

Art Studio

Develop your skills with a little space dedicated to you and your art. A perfect place for your paintbrushes, charcoal, pottery or whatever else you create!

Modern Gym

Get fit without the gym membership in a comfortable space just feet away from your home. Store all of your workout equipment here rather than cluttering your home.

Potting Shed/Greenhouse

Let your green thumb thrive with a special place for your plants and everything they may need. Store your tools, plant food, fertilizer and more.

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