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The Man Cave

Every man wants to have his own space… some would even say need his space. Adding a backyard barn can be the perfect living space addition to customize into your lifestyle. From a place to unwind or enjoy that noisy hobby, to hosting friends and get togethers a custom-built Twin […]

Custom Built Backyard Barn In Columbus Ohio

Designing my Custom She-Shed

Tips for Designing Your Custom Backyard Barn There is much to consider when designing a custom shed for your home. Asking questions such as, “What is the purpose of my shed?”, “Who will use it most?”, and “Where should it be located?” are all important factors when deciding on a […]

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Real Estate for the Birds

What are your feathered backyard friends looking for in a home? While many people choose birdhouses just for color or style, bird houses can help provide shelter for birds made homeless by deforestation. Birdfeeders are also good to have on hand, but bird houses help cavity-nesting species who typically eat […]

Twin Oaks Barns Cabin

The Care and Keeping of Your Shed

Wooden sheds must be maintained to ensure a long lifespan and keep them looking their best. Usually, minimal and regular maintenance can protect you and your structure from damage or a costly replacement. The first step to a long-lasting shed is making sure the structure is well built and sheds […]

Poly vs. Wood

One of the first steps in buying outdoor furniture or structures is deciding between products made of poly material or wood. This choice will have a big impact on how your furniture looks, feels, and weathers the elements. Each material has its benefits, but which one is best for your […]

5 Unusual Uses for Backyard Sheds

You’ve probably seen them in backyards around your hometown; cutesy, small wooden storage sheds. Some are made to look like tiny replicas of the homes they’re built beside, some look like fairytale cottages or mini barns. Whatever their style, these backyard sheds are extremely versatile! Of course, they can be […]