Designing my Custom She-Shed

Tips for Designing Your Custom Backyard Barn

There is much to consider when designing a custom shed for your home. Asking questions such as, “What is the purpose of my shed?”, “Who will use it most?”, and “Where should it be located?” are all important factors when deciding on a custom built backyard barn.

My family and I enjoy entertaining and outdoor living to it’s fullest each summer. With Ohio’s winter’s feeling longer each year, every day of summer weather is precious and celebrated. This year while beginning our spring clean up, I got to looking at our tired old garden shed and decided it was time for a change.

I began by considering everyone that uses the shed and what it’s new purpose would be. Currently, the shed housed extra gardening tools and unwanted or broken planters. I determined that we could better use the space by cleaning the shed out and reorganizing the garage, then I measured my old tired shed and started making plans for a new one.

Researching the size of best fit for your area is important. My family and I felt that an outdoor backyard barn used for both entertaining and storage would be a great fit in the new spot. We then decided it would be fun to add in some bunk bed for our son and friends. A solid poly built bar was a must when building our new outdoor living shed. We had our building custom designed and was delivered to our home and installed within a month.

Below is an example of my finished product from Twin Oaks Barns in Millersburg, Ohio

Custom Built Backyard Barn In Columbus Ohio
My Custom Built She Shed in Columbus, Ohio

Our outdoor area has improved and we love the entertaining feel. Our friends and neighbors come over for cookouts and the bar serves as a table for food set up as well as after-dinner drinks. The bunk beds on the inside are perfect for the kids and their friends. There is still plenty of space to sit inside and it provides storage for our poly patio furniture. I’m glad I decided to have a custom built backyard shed for our home, what was once an eyesore has turned into a multi-purpose building and a great investment.

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