Lawn Furniture

Lawn furniture shouldn’t be complicated. Our poly vinyl lawn furniture is made from 90% post-consumer recycled goods, most of it being from recycled milk jugs. It is virtually maintenance free since it has amazing stain and water resistance. This level of durability means it can stay outside all year long! It won’t splinter or need stained. The color won’t even fade in the sun!  Sit back and relax in our top-selling Adirondack Balcony set or rock away on your porch with our Classic and Adirondack style gliders. Our simple chairs, tables, swings, and gliders will create the perfect outdoor living space for your family.  

Unmatched Durability

When we talk about the Durability of our Poly lawn furniture, we are talking about more than what you are used to. Could you imagine leaving a piece of lawn furniture outside for several years with little or no signs of wear? As we mentioned above, there is no splintering. There is no need to stain. The colors are superbly fade-resistant. How many of your wood products have started to warp which caused stress cracks along the grain? Larger Poly furniture is reinforced with aluminum plates to prevent warping. Hardware, such as bolts and screws, are stainless steel. Each piece is backed by a residential lifetime warranty.

A Style for Any Home

We have everything you could want for your outdoor living space. Swing, gliders, benches, deck chairs and a full line of accessories are all available through Twin Oaks Barns. Some people really enjoy the Adirondack-style seating we have. Others look for more something more traditional. Any if you are looking for a style to fit your glamorous lifestyle, we have that as well. In addition to the multitude of styles we have available, we have no shortage of available colors either. No matter what you need to complete your outdoor living space, we have it.

Available Colors*

*Not all colors are available with every style of furniture. Please see each furniture style to see the available colors.



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